Alps Synergy 1200L J-Series Insulated Plastic Containers


Tailored exclusively for Japan’s fishing industry, the ALPS J Series of insulated plastic containers embodies a groundbreaking solution. Developed in response to the aftermath of the 2010 tsunami disaster that ravaged cold storage facilities, the J Series is the result of collaborative efforts with our Japanese counterparts. This innovation has since taken the Japanese fishery market by storm.

Capacity External Dimensions (mm) Internal Dimensions (mm)
1200 litre L1530 x W1130 x H1075 L1400 x W980 x H860



The J Series stands as the preferred choice for the aquafarming sector, celebrated for its size, resilience, and unwavering quality. Its significance is underscored by its widespread use and application across the industry.


With an expansive utility spectrum, the 1400-liter containers play an integral role in saltfish processing, fish transportation, salmon harvesting, and shrimp curing. The 1000-liter insulated plastic containers find purpose as storage units for sizable fish species like tuna and swordfish.


  • Sleek and Robust: Showcasing smooth, curved surfaces and a proven heavy-duty design, ensuring reliability in demanding environments.
  • Temperature Excellence: Maintains product coldness consistently for up to five days when properly iced, ensuring uncompromised freshness.
  • Enhanced Hygiene: Optional drain outlets and 80mm (3″) drainage holes contribute to superior cleanliness standards.
  • Insulated Lid: Equipped with an insulated lid for optimal temperature retention and product integrity.
  • Premium Materials: Crafted from top-quality Polyethylene and Polyurethane materials, guaranteeing durability and longevity.
  • Flexible Stacking: Designed for stackability, with or without the lid, optimizing storage and workspace utilization.
  • Ergonomic and Hygienic: Thoughtfully designed for both ergonomics and hygiene, promoting efficient handling and cleanliness.
  • Easy Access: Designed to be accessed from all sides, facilitating swift entry with hand-pallet jacks and forklift trucks.
  • Efficient Transport: Engineered with optimal dimensions, ensuring seamless transport and warehousing logistics.
  • Cutting-Edge Construction: Constructed as a one-piece seamless double-walled structure with foam insulation (PUR – Polyurethane), maximizing thermal efficiency and durability.
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