Alps Synergy 200L F-Series Insulated Plastic Containers


Elevate your fisheries industry operations with the new “ALPS F SERIES”– a game-changing line of insulated containers meticulously engineered to redefine the way you handle fresh fish, storage, and transportation within the fisheries industry. Crafted to enhance your on-board boat journeys, inland transportation, dockside pickling, and processing plant storage, these containers are poised to become your indispensable partner.


Capacity External Dimensions (mm) Internal Dimensions (mm)
200 litre L970 x W570 x H585 L840 x W490 x H515



With an innovative high-insulated foam core, the “ALPS F Series” containers bring an unparalleled level of thermal control to your operations. Maintain optimal cold storage conditions for fresh fish for an impressive 5 to 6 days when adequately iced. Say goodbye to worries about temperature fluctuations impacting your product quality.


Designed to cater to the diverse demands of the fisheries industry, the “ALPS F Series” containers shine across a spectrum of scenarios. Whether you’re a seafaring fisherman preserving your catch, a dockside artisan engaged in pickling delicacies, or a processing plant professional in need of top-tier chilled food storage – these containers stand ready to perform.


The core of the “ALPS F Series” containers is our cutting-edge high-insulated foam. This technology ensures that the containers maintain consistent temperatures, safeguarding the freshness and quality of your fish and food products throughout their journey. From ship to shore to processing, expect nothing but excellence.


Built to withstand the rigors of maritime environments, these containers are engineered from robust materials, guaranteeing longevity. Whether you’re navigating rough waters or operating in bustling processing plants, the “ALPS F Series” containers rise to the challenge, ensuring your cargo remains secure and well-preserved.


Discover a realm of enhanced temperature control, adaptability, and reliability with the “ALPS F Series.” Revolutionize the way you approach fish storage, transportation, and processing. These containers represent a new era of excellence and innovation in the fisheries industry. Upgrade to the “ALPS F Series” today and reimagine the possibilities of cold storage. Embrace the future of insulated solutions and elevate your fisheries operations to new heights.


  • Temperature Control: Experience extended freshness with up to 5-6 days of cold preservation when properly iced.
  • Adaptability: From sea to processing, these containers excel in various fisheries industry scenarios.
  • Innovative Insulation: Our high-insulated foam technology sets new standards for temperature regulation and consistency.
  • Enduring Build: Crafted for the demanding fisheries industry, these containers are built to last in diverse environments.
  • Reliability: Count on the “ALPS F Series” to safeguard your products’ quality, ensuring customer satisfaction.
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