Alps Synergy 600L Single Layer Non-Insulated Plastic Containers

Presenting a new chapter in versatile storage solutions – the Multi-Purpose Pallet Storage Container. This innovative container redefines functionality across harvesting, processing, picking, assembly, storage, and distribution tasks, catering to diverse sectors including Seafood, Meat, and Agriculture.

Capacity External Dimensions (mm) Internal Dimensions (mm)
600 litre L1200 x W1050 x H750 L1100 x W950 x H650



  • Nestable Bulk Brilliance: Crafted from seamless, chemical-resistant polyethylene, the 4-way fork entry design ensures unmatched durability. This container is a triumph for food service applications, designed for extended use.
  • Smart Storage Optimization: Designed to nest efficiently, this container not only slashes return shipping costs but also offers compact storage when empty, conserving valuable space.
  • Stalwart Support: Molded side ribs bring an extra layer of reinforcement under heavy loads, ensuring stability and strength during usage.
  • Effortless Transport and Handling: With a base that accommodates forklift entry, both pallet trucks and forklifts can be used to effortlessly transport the container. This innovation ensures seamless workflow efficiency.
  • A Splash of Colorful Options: Available in an array of shades – Red, Orange,Blue, Yellow, Beige, or Green – this container lets you choose aesthetics that align with your workspace.


  • Industrial Might: Boasting heavy-duty rotational molded construction, this container is engineered for industrial demands, showcasing strength and resilience.
  • Enhanced Handling: With lightweight design, handling becomes a breeze, enabling fluid operations without unnecessary strain.
  • Resistant and Reliable: Demonstrating UV resistance and chemical resistance, this container proves its mettle even in challenging environments.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Beyond its strength, cleaning is a breeze, ensuring that your operations remain hygienic and efficient.
  • Crafted for Excellence: Molded using MDPE rotational-grade material, this container stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to quality.


Welcome a new era of storage versatility with the Multi-Purpose Pallet Storage Container. Beyond a mere container, it’s a symbol of innovation that adapts seamlessly to various industrial needs. Experience the future of storage – streamlined, resilient, and tailored to perfection.

Choose the future. Choose innovation. Choose the Multi-Purpose Pallet Storage Container.

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