Alps Synergy 70L A-Series Insulated Plastic Containers


Delve into our curated collection of insulated plastic containers thoughtfully designed to enhance the experiences of outdoor enthusiasts. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these versatile containers are tailored to thrive across a diverse range of environments, including food and beverage service, hawker stalls, leisurely fishing trips, and vibrant social gatherings.

Capacity External Dimensions (mm) Internal Dimensions (mm)
70 litre L680 X W640 X H440  L560 X W360 X H350



Our ALPS A Series container embody adaptability, catering to the dynamic needs of various settings. Whether you are in pursuit of exquisite flavors, embarking on leisurely explorations, or engaging in bustling hawker culture, these containers seamlessly integrate into your outdoor activities.


  • Seamless Convenience: Equipped with secure latches, our containers ensure easy access and secure storage, adding a layer of effortless convenience to your outdoor endeavors.
  • Reliable Versatility: From savory meals to refreshing beverages, our containers safeguard your consumables with steadfast reliability, enhancing every moment of your outdoor escapades.
  • Crafted to Perfection: The meticulous craftsmanship of our insulated plastic containers guarantees optimal thermal insulation, keeping your contents at their desired temperature for prolonged enjoyment.
  • Boundless Exploration: Elevate leisurely fishing trips, vibrant social gatherings, and gastronomic adventures with containers that seamlessly merge utility and style.


The ALPS A Series invites you to redefine the boundaries of your outdoor experiences. With each container, a world of culinary delights, refreshing beverages, and seamless convenience unfolds, setting the stage for unforgettable memories.

Embark on a journey where versatility meets sophistication – experience ALPS A Series and elevate every outdoor moment with a touch of excellence.

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