Alps Synergy Plastic Basket

Presenting a groundbreaking solution in storage and transportation – stackable and nestable plastic crates and baskets. A marvel of design versatility, these containers are engineered to transform various industries, spanning meat traders, poultry, fish, seafood processing plants, materials handling, warehousing, and distribution.

Size Weight
420 diameters x 310mm (H) 1.1 kg (approximation)



Today, even the fishery industry is embracing the potential of plastic crates and baskets. From dockside to processing plants, these containers play a pivotal role. The catch is seamlessly transferred to these crates and baskets at the docks, and subsequently transported to processing facilities for further refinement. In an era of heightened safety and hygiene standards, plastic crates, baskets, and insulated containers have emerged as the answer, ensuring compliance while enhancing efficiency.


  • UV Stabilized Excellence: Crafted from UV stabilized material, these containers are built to withstand even the harshest sun exposure.
  • Space-Efficient Innovation: Achieve unparalleled space optimization with stackable and nestable capabilities, leading to significant savings in both space and transportation costs.
  • Reinforced Strength: Enhanced ribbed design ensures superior strength, enabling you to handle varying loads with confidence.
  • Simplified Loading and Handling: Streamline operations with containers that are easy to load, stack, and store, streamlining your workflow.
  • Enduring Durability: These containers redefine durability, with a robust design that stands up to the test of time. Their resilient composition makes them exceptionally easy to clean and handle.
  • Hydrophobic Advantage: With zero water absorption, these containers remain unaffected by moisture, liquids, or humidity, preserving the integrity of their contents.
  • Ergonomic Handling: Designed with user comfort in mind, these containers come equipped with comfortable handles, ensuring effortless handling, carrying, and lifting.
  • Endurance in Extreme Conditions: These containers exhibit remarkable resilience, capable of withstanding both freezing conditions and the intensity of the sun’s rays.


Embrace the future of storage and transportation with these innovative stackable and nestable crates and baskets. Revolutionize your operations, elevate efficiency, and embrace a new standard of safety and convenience. In industries ranging from fisheries to logistics, these containers stand as a testament to innovation that transforms.

Choose the revolution. Choose efficiency. Choose the future. Choose stackable and nestable plastic crates and baskets.

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